We have Russian war plan documents: Ukrainian military


The Ukrainian General Staff said on Wednesday that the military checked the documents of the Russian war plan.

“After successful operations of ukrainian, russian army soldiers panicked and left some secret documents behind”It said in A declaration.

Citing the documents, he said Russia’s war plan for Ukraine was approved on January 18 and that he had to capture all of Ukraine within 15 days, from February 20 to March 6.

The Russian War on Ukraine, which started on February 24, has met international contempt with the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others, implementing financial punishments on Moscow.

Numerous countries are also supply Ukraine with weapons and have shut airspace to Russian airlines and the Russian state prohibits-run media.

Russia and Ukraine are set for a second round of peace talks on Thursday. the first took place on Monday.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Ukrainians said they were fighting on in The harbor of Kherson, the first considerable city Russia claimed to have seized, while airstrikes and bombings caused more devastation in other cities, especially Kharkiv in ballast.

Russia’s one-week-old child invasion has not yet reached son objective of overthrow Ukraine government but sent more over 870,000 people flee to the neighbor countries and shook the global economy as governments and businesses align up to isolate Moscow.

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on wednesday to lament invasion “in The Strongest terms.” He demanded that Russia withdraw its forces in a resolution supported by 141 of the 193 members of the assembly.

Bombing raid of Kharkov, a city of 1500000 peoplea left son center a field vague of ruined buildings and debris.

“The Russian ‘liberators’ have arrived”, one Ukrainian volunteer lamented sarcastically, as he and three others struggled to carry the dead body of a wrapped man in a sheet out of the ruins on a main square.

At least 25 people were killed by shelling and airstrikes in Kharkov in the past 24 hours, authorities said. After an airstrike on Wednesday, the roof of a policeman building in the center of Kharkiv collapsed in flames.

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