Wii U Sales Update: A Surprising Revival for the Ill-Fated Console


Wii U Sales Update: A Revival for the Ill-Fated Console

The Wii U console, which had been declared dead for some time, is making headlines again as one unit was recently sold in the United States. This sale marks the first time a brand-new Wii U has been purchased from a retail store since May 2022.

Unexpected Findings: Wii U and PlayStation Vita

Despite Nintendo’s announcement of withdrawing all Wii U stock from stores, a few units seem to have slipped through the cracks. It appears that at least one gamer was eager to experience the short-lived console before the arrival of the Nintendo Switch. However, it is uncertain whether this sale was a mere collection operation.

In addition to the surprising Wii U sale, video game analyst Matt Piscatella also highlights the dwindling sales of another ill-fated console, the PlayStation Vita. Piscatella reports that the most recent sales of this handheld device date back to November 2021, with only three units being purchased.

Curiosity in Sales Figures

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